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Ethiopia – Gogogu Forest Blue Raspberry Anaerobic

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Kedir Jebril is the younger brother of a famed Feku Jibril, the top producer of coffee for known for his Yabitu lot. His other brother too , Abdi Jibril, owns his own washing statation called the Lecho washing station. This three brothers each has its own washing station and has invested their time in coffee production since the time of their late father.

Kedir Jebril Imamu is the youngest brother among the three. Among the three brothers, Kedir is the most experimentalist when it comes to processing the coffee. He is somewhat new in the coffee industry, prior to establishment of the Haro Welabo washing station, Kedir was working in the construction industry. He saved up enough money to create a coffee logistic business, transporting cherries from one collecting stations. He spend most of his time in Dilla, located in Central and Northern Guji. After 11 years, he started his own washing station.

His processing method is somewhat unique. This lot is processed as Anaerobic natural. With the combination of high altitude cherries used for this lot (2000 to 2300msl) and anaerobic fermentation process, it has created an affluent taste and flavour on the cup. The cherries are planted by smallholders farmers which lives in the Gogogu Forest.

This cherries are collected on the Forest of Gogogu which surrounds the Central and Northern Guji. To ensure good quality cherries, Mr Kedir pays a premium for the Red Cherries. This cherries is then transported to his Haro Welabo washing station for processing. The Cherries is then placed inside a stainless steel tank for until the brix of the cherries drop to 16 Brix. Subsequently, the cherries is inside the tank is transferred to the African raised beds for drying. Drying stops as soon as the moisture level reached 12%. The beans is rested for 3 weeks before it is hulled and packed.

Don’t be mistaken, the coffee is not fermented with Blue Raspberry during the anaerobic process. We notice, that upon grounding, the dry fragrance and the taste of the coffee has a tropical fruit bursting on our nostrils.

Upon grounding the aroma of tropical fruit, strawberry, peach and floral aroma. At first sip, tropical like blue raspberry is the main notes. Then the flavour of blueberries, grapes and peach with mild orange peel. The floral aroma is detectable, but mild. The coffee is rich and varied in layered.

Variety : 74110 & 74112
Altitude : 2000 to 2300 masl
Process : Anaerobic Washed
Origin : Gogogu Forest, Guji

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