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Ethiopia – Buleye by Robel Kindane

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Robel Kindane is a coffee processing professional and his family is the owner of Lulo Coffee, an integrated coffee producing and exporting company. Mr Robel was born out of Dilla, the center of the coffee golden triangle of Sidama, Yigarcheffe and Guji. His passion for coffee started since at his young age.

Lulo Coffee lab is located in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. As a certified Q processor, there are 3 methods where coffee are sourced by Lulo Coffee. The first is through their partner farms, the second is via their partner mills or washing station and the last one is from their own farm.

What we have here is coffee which came from their own farm called Buleye located in Hambela, Guji. The coffee produced here sits at a very high altitude of 2100 masl and mainly processed as Natural. On top of that at the Buleye farm, only the 74110 variety is being planted there. The 74410 variety were developed by the Jimma Agricultural Research Center to over come the cherry disease that’s affecting the production output. Tree’s of 74110 variety is naturally short, compact with small leaf and cherry. At high altitude, the acidity of this variety is abundance and juicy with floral aromatics and consist very low in tannins which usually create a very dry finish in the mouth feel.

Though the coffee is organically certified, Mr Robel has a commitment to ensure organic farming and processing as their main practice. Mr Robel and his partner vow to not to use chemical as fertilizer, insecticide or pesticide. Compost are made of fallen leaves, mowed weeds, cow dung and coffee pulp to sustain the farm. At the farm, are all shade grown under the tall eucalyptus tree. These condition are ideal for sweet, fruity and floral coffee that are typical to the Ethiopian highlands.

This coffee is process as New Natural according to Mr Robel. We were told, the new natural is important in ensuring higher quality result where coffee cherry is selectively harvested, sorted and dried where as the old natural/traditional does not involve selective harvesting and sorting. These coffee are dried on raised African beds and carefully sorted throughout the drying process.

True enough upon grounding you can fee the dry aromas of strawberry, blueberry, fruit fudge and bergamot. You can feel the sweetness of strawberries, blueberries and peaches on the cup with sweet aroma of bergamot and gardenia. The coffee is delicious, smooth, juicy and clean.

Variety : 74110
Altitude : 2100 masl
Process : New Natural
Origin : Guji

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