Ethiopia Buku Sayisa

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Buku washing station is located at 2350 masl. It is among the highest washing station in Ethiopia. The coffee is produced by a nearby village which consist of 430 small holders from called Sayisa which is located in the district of Hambela, in the Guji Zone.

Since it is a from a collective of small holders, the standard and quality of the coffee is first delivered to Mr Esayas Beriso (a farmer from the Sayisa Village). Esayas Beriso will lead the lot from Sayisa to be sent to Buku Washing Station for processing.

Buku washing station process a lot of coffee from different village in the Hambela such as Buku Abel, Buku Kebele and others. This washing station is owned by METAD which produces top coffee such as Hambela Alaka.

The coffee from Sayisa is grown at an altitude of 200 to 2250 masl. It is a natural process coffee, sun dried on raised beds allowing the fruit of the coffee cherry to dry on the seed to develop a sweet complexity.

Asides from that, coffee from Sayisa village consist of a variety known as the Dega varietal. This varietal
normally grow on at high altitude above 2000 masl.
Upon grounding, the dry fragrance is strawberry, blueberry, peach and floral fragrance. At first sip, the taste is thick, more like strawberry wafer sandwich. It has a strong flavour of grapes and peaches. It has a mild aroma of bergamot and frangipani. The coffee lacks aroma but compact in flavours.

Varietal : Dega
Altitude : 2000-2250 masl
Origin : Sayisa, Buku
Process : Natural