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Ethiopia - Buku Abel (2016, 2017 ToH #1)

RM40.00 MYR

Hambela Buku Abel is a highly sought after coffee from Ethiopia. A champion (2016 and 2017) and a top 3 (2018) of the African Taste of Harvest Competition for the Natural Process criteria. The last time we had them was back in 2019. We missed this coffee for the year 2020 due to the pandemic and for 2020 we managed to obtain a multiple bags of these coffee.

This coffee is processed by the Buku Abel washing station which is located in a small town of Buku in Hambela approximately 400 km South of Addis Ababa. The washing station is owned and managed by DW Exports, a coffee exporter. DW Export is owned by Demissie Edema.

The production of coffee for this washing station is contributed by the villagers of Buku. The washing station sits at 2000 masl. Most of the coffee planted nearby is planted at a very high altitude and can reach up to 2300 masl. At high altitude, Ethiopian coffee does not disappoint as it takes longer to mature and the coffee tend to be much more aromatic than average.

Farmers from Buku are mainly small holders with at less than 2 hectares of coffee tree per family. Ripe cherries are sent to the washing station for processing. Since winning the TOH 2016 & 2017, the recipe for processing has not change since. This coffee is process as the classic sundried coffee. Key contributing factors are the selection of the cherries based on a certain ripeness and must be planted at above 2000 masl. The selected coffee is first immersed in cold water from the near by river that runs throughout the hillside for few hours. All floaters is then removed. Next, the cherries is then placed on a customized raised beds to ensure that no extra moisture is soaked through the cherries during the drying process.

The ground coffee has a sweet and full-bodied aromas of grapes, blueberries, peaches, bergamot and well-ripe cantaloupe. An entrance with bright purple fruit notes.The fruit is like blueberry jam and grape juice as the main notes, followed by peaches and apricots with the aroma of bergamot.The mid section has the aroma of dried mango. The flavor is thick and full and the layers are complex.

Variety : Hierloom
Altitude : 2100 to 2300 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Buku, Hambela