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Roasting as Usual

Ethiopia Berg Wu Sidama 2021

RM40.00 MYR

Selected and Curated by Berg Wu. 2016 Champion, World Barista and owner of Simple Kaffa.

This offering is a Sidama Natural process which has been chosen by Berg Wu. The farm selected is sits at 2000 masl situated in Sidama province. 

This is the fifth purchased that we made for the Berg Wu selection

The ground coffee has a  blueberry jam, peach, strawberry with bergamot and frangipani aroma. The main flavor of the entrance is grapes, blueberry jam and peach with strawberry aroma, followed by bergamot, peach & slightly rosy aroma. The cup is aromatic & sweet. Layered and complex.

Varietal : Hierloom
Altitude : 2000 masl
Origin : Sidama
Process : Natural