Ethiopia - Banko Gotete by Alemu Bukato

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This is a special selection from a family owned farms (smallholders) in the Banko Gotete village located in the south of Gedeb. Over the years, Gedeb has developed into a distinguish reputation in growing specialty coffee and has been producing among the highly sought microlots in the world.

Banko Gotete sits in a relatively high altitude. Some of the plots can go as high as 2200 masl. On average, the altitude of coffee produced by Alemu sits at 2100 masl. At higher altitude, the coffee tends to be more floral as well as berry like as it matures more slowly. This is truely reflected in the cup.

This coffee is grown by at least 650 Banko Gotete villagers. Most of them owns a very small plot of land. Their coffee is then brought to the Alemu Bukato washing station where it is sorted, grades and process under strict supervision by Mr Bukato. This coffee is process as Natural process. It may seem easy by the way it is process, however, an excellent natural process coffee requires much more manual labour in ensuring a clean cup. Under strict requirement, the selection starts from grading and removal of these unriped cherries with proper grading compliance that has been set, the result truly amazed us.

Mr Bukato's commitment to the coffee community is huge, from financial, to road construction to planting trees. Mr. Bukato does it all, and his passion and heritage are in the cup.


As a result on the cup, the dry scent is sweet strawberry, blueberry, grape, peach and violet aroma. When you sip it with a rich and plump blueberry jam, grape juice is the main axis, accompanied by strawberry, peach, bergamot and rich violet flowers, with a long aftertaste. The aroma of raspberry cheesecake and orange peel is bright, strong and thick.


Variety : Hierloom

Altitude : 2100-2200 masl

Process : Natural

Origin : Banko Gotete