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Ethiopia - Ayla Bombe (Kurume Single Variety)

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Ayla is the name of my eldest daughter. When I saw the name from the our coffee trader I knew that I had to put this in the cart. We have been getting a lot of Ethiopian coffee from Testi coffee off late. So far the the taste has yet to disappoint. 

Ayla is the name of the washing station which is located in the town of Bombe. The washing station is owned by Testi Coffee and operated by Faysel Yonis. Faysell owns many washing station all over Ethiopia that includes Guji, Yigarcheffe, Sidamo and Limu. He mainly collaborate with farmers nearby the washing station. 

Coffee from this lot is contributed by 310 small holders nearby. This selected coffee is from a single variety known as the Kurume variety. This location is ideal for coffee and a situated at high altiude where the coffee has more time to grow and to develop its character in the cup. Coffee grown near by has an altitude between 1900 to 2100 masl. 

Back in 2018, Testi launched a quality improvement project called the Premium Cherry Selection (PCS) project which fully control all aspect of harvest and processing to ensure transparency of each coffee processed at the washing station. From there on, the Single Variety product was established after being able to identify lots from various different smallholders. By doing this, smallholders are paid at a premium for cherries that were sent to the washing station.  The objective of this quality improvement is to ensure that the washing station runs well and operate diligently through sorting and screening to get clean and quality beans. 

This coffee is processed Naturally. First, it is collected and hand sorted. Under and overriped cherries are then removed. Next, the sorted coffee cherry is taken to the raised beds to dry. The cherries will remain on the raised beds for 15 to 18 days until it has reached the required moisture. When the cherries is dried, it will be sent for milling and rested for 3-6 weeks. After the resting period, the coffee beans will be sorted again before prepped for export.

Testi adheres to a very high quality standards to prepare and deliver nothing but high quality beans.  Upon grounding, the dry scent is sweet strawberry, blueberry, grape, bergamot and gardenia. You can also feel blueberries, grapes as well as sweet and juicy flavors of peaches, accompanied by aromas of bergamot, gardenia and jasmine, ending with black tea and orange peel taste notes. The sweetness is compact and the flavor is sweet and elegant.


Variety : Kurume
Altitude : 1900-2100 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Bombe, Yigarcheffe

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