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Roasting as Usual

Ethiopia - Ato Minjane Worassa - Worka Sakaro

RM40.00 MYR

This is our second purchase from the same farm. The last purchase was made back in 2019.

Worka Sakaro is located in the Gedeb district, close to Yighacheffe, South of Ethiopia. It is a high altitude location and most of the surrounding area lies at an altitude of about 2000 to 2200 masl.

The washing station was established by a corn farmer who managed to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a coffee exporter. The washing station was established back in mid-90s. It has been a long journey for Ato Mijane Worassa.

The Worka washing station works with 400 small holders within the area. Most grew their coffee around the slope of Mount Rudu. This is one of Ato’s washing station and it was established on land inherited from his father. The station is well equipped with pulping machine and 360 african drying beds.

Today, his son Daniel helps him out. Daniel focus mainly on the experimental process while Ato’s focus on the washing process. Upon arrival of the cherries from the smallholders, the cherries is first carefully hand sorted and floated to separate the less dense beans. Subsequently, the cherries is then depulped and fermented with water for 48 hours and washed again in the channels. The parchment is then placed on the raised beds where it is hand sorted on a daily basis for throughout the drying process which takes about 12 days to 15 days.

Worka Sakaro is a family owned business. Together with Daniel, they emphasize social impact where they source their coffee from. Ato’s has created local cherry collection point to help logistic cost for farmers and also school infrastructure projects for the future farmers.

The ground coffee has a sweet and tangy aroma of lemon peel, peach, lychee and white flowers. At first sip, lemonpeel, grapefruit and bergamot. Followed by sweet lychee, peach and orange blossom with lemongrass and lychee fruit aroma. The coffee is bright, distinct layers with long aftertaste.

Variety : Heirlom
Altitude : 2000 to 2200
Process : Washed
Origin : Sakaro, Gedeb