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Ethiopia - Asenafi Argaw Selection

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The company is founded by Asenafi Argaw, a famed coffee exporter which is based out of Addis Ababa. Before starting Ardent Coffee Export, he was posted with 90 Plus LLC, leading a role in Global Sales, Global Logistics and Operations Director. He has at least 20 years of coffee experience in his pocket and he even wrote a book "Ethiopia : World Coffee Garden". Prior to joining Ninety Plus LLC, he was the director of Sidamo Farmers Cooperative.

This collection consist of two types of coffee from Yigarcheffe and from two separate town, they are from the Idido and the other is from Dumerso. Both coffee are also processed differently. The coffee from Idido is processed by honey process and the one from Dumerso is processed as natural

The natural processed coffee is from the small town of Dumerso. This coffee is in collaboration together between Ashenafi & Hirat Birhanu, a famed single estate farm owner which is based out of Dumerso. As for the coffee from Idido, is a collective of farmers and smallholders that send to Ardent’s processing station. The coffee is a process as Honey, where only the skin of the cherry is removed and then it is dried together with the mucilage. Honey process usually add sweetness and body of the coffee on the cup. It can also be tricky process and requires a lot of supervision throughout the drying process

The natural process is a much common process in Ethiopia while honey, not many processor are willing to do as the technique of the coffee processing requires an extra care to ensure that the drying process on the coffee is done right at the same time, the honey process could attach fruit flies which eventually will have an affect on the quality of the beans.

Taste Notes for Idido Honey Process
Upon grounding the dry aroma is bergamot, lemon peel and orange. At first sip, the sweetness of peach, bergamot and the juicy is similar to navel orange as the main flavour. As it cools down, the sweetness turn to pear and with white peach tea like notes. The coffee is very delicate and sweet.

Taste Notes for Dumerso Natural
Upon ggrounding, the aroma is passion fruit, strawberry and grape. There are mild winey aroma. At first sip, passion fruit and mango are the main notes. As it cools down, guava, strawberry, grape juice with floral aroma. The coffee is rich and also juicy.

Idido Honey
Variety : Hierloom
Altitude : 2000-2100 masl
Process : Honey Process
Origin : Ididio Yigarcheffe

Dumerso Natural
Variety : Hierloom
Altitude : 2150 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Dumerso, Yigarcheffe

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