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Roasting as Usual

El Salvador Los Pirineos Bourbon Natural Lot 1

RM35.00 MYR

Gilberto Barona's farm is located on top of the Tecapa Volcano. His farm is famous in the world of coffee. Known as the Los Pirineos. The name was given because of the simillarity to the Mount Pyrenees which separates Spain and France. In this case, it separates Honduras and El Savador.

The farm grows a Bourbon Elite varietal which has consistently placed in the top ten of El Salvador COE competition. The original seeds are thought to have arrived from Guatemala. The coffee has been planted on the same land since 1890s.

This coffee roasted at a medium level with a slight decline of temperature during the caramelization process/Development process. This is to highlight the acidity of this coffee. When we did maintain the chocolate notes was too powerful. When we did this technique, you can taste high notes of berries, honey stain with orange bar chocolate aroma followed by mulberry and black berry. Very solid and sweet cup.

Varietal : Bourbon Elite

Altitude : 1400 masl

Location : Tecapa Volcan

Process : Natural