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El Salvador Finca El Guarumal (Black Honey)

RM37.50 MYR

This coffee produce an excellent cup of espresso. This coffee is grown at Finca El Guarumal which is located in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. This coffee is produced and cultivated by two friends Snr Fernando Alfaro and Snr Jose Enrique Gutierrez. 

The two brothers also owned INVERFINCA, which operates the mill. INVERFINCA sorts and depulps ripe cherries and dries the parchment while still covered in mucilage on the raise beds. The coffee is depulp at a minimal level than the usual. After few weeks, the coffee produced a very dark parchment which mimics a black pearl. This process is common in Costa Rica where it is known as the Perla Negra processing. 

It is not easy to produce black honey coffee, it requires extra care to avoid the coffee become rotten as it attracts fruit flies and other insects during the process. It is heavily monitored and most of the time, the raised beds is covered. The parchment is turned every 2 hours to maintain even drying through out the process.

This coffee is produced at 1250 masl. To make this coffee exciting, the flavour is manipulated through the Perla Negra process. It produced a really outstanding cup. This coffee can be consumed as filter but as espresso, it is richer and more appealing. 

As an espresso selection, the coffee is roasted as medium. When grounded, it has an aroma of citrus and roasted nuts. At first sip, it has the typical citrusy notes with the juicyness of black plum. Look for the toffee and almond notes at the back. From time to time the coffee produced a candied aroma in the cup. 


Varietal - Yellow and Red Cattura

Altitude - 1250 masl
Process - Black Honey
Origin - Tacuba, El Salvador

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