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Panama - Damarli Bourbon Noble Imperial

RM42.50 MYR
This is another addition of Coffee from the Damarli Estate. What we have here is the same coffee processing recipe that was use and presented at the Best of Panama 2019 auction.

This lot comes from the Palmira area in Boquete. Bourbon is the major crop from Damarli estate, followed by other coffee variety such as catuai, caturra and the exclusive Geishas. In the 2019 BoP, this processing recipe was graded at 89.00 pts under the “Traditional Natural & Special Processes”.

Natural processed coffee is different from the usual natural process that we have from Ethiopia or Colombia. This process is the trademark of processing natural coffee by Damarli estate. This process is known as the Noble process. Noble process is processed when the whole cherry is macerated. Most of the coffee at Damarli is process as Noble process. Other processing can be processed based on the customer requirements.

Noble process is a labour intensive process. First, coffee is floated in water and any floaters will be removed from the tank. The coffee cherry is then hand sorted manually.  Upon the sorting process, the cherry is then placed in a maceration tanks. Cool water is then filled together with yeast and the tank is seald for a period of time until a specific brix level is obtain. Upon obtaining the optimal brix level, the coffee is then removed and placed on a raised beds while the cherry remain intact with the coffee. The coffee are moved and tumbled to ensure a consistency in the drying process. The coffee is then packed  and rested for a few weeks in a temperature controlled room for few weeks before it is milled. Upon milling, the coffee goes through another round of sorting using the density machine to ensure that only coffee between screen 16-20 is used. Subsequently, the coffee is hand picked again to ensure that  there are no damaged beans were selected. Most of the damaged is caused due to the milling process. The last sorting process is done by the colour sorter machine. Finally, the coffee is vacuum sealed and placed in a box, ready for export.

It is a very long process and the flavour is reflected in the cup.

The dry fragrance is strawberry, peach, mango, passion fruit and orange peel. At the entrance, you can feel strawberry yogurt, mango and passion fruit, then orange peel and peaches emerge, with a slight banana flavor at the end, smooth and juicy.

Variety : Bourbon
Altitude : 1450 – 1500 masl
Process : Noble
Origin : Palmira, Boquete

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