Costa Rica Tarrazu La Bandera La Crema Anaerobico

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This coffee comes from a high altitude farm located at Dota in Tarrazu. The farm sits an altitude of 1900 masl. The farm was founded by his father and now it is run by Diego Hidalgo Umana with his brother.

While it is common to drink honey processed coffee from Costa Rica, what we have here is a truly a specialize process of Anaerobic process. The farm has been cultivating rich, elegant and lucious coffee with floral aroma.

Anaerobic process consist of creating anaerobic fermenetation which basically take place under the absence of air. The tanks barrels with a valve that allows air to go out but not in. In this particular process, coffee is pulped and placed in the tank with all its mucilage (honey style). Brix content and PH levels are measured before closing of the barrel. It is then fermented for a controlled duration of time. Once the fermentation process is complete, the coffee is than placed on African beds for the drying process.

Anaerobic process is interesting as it unfolds a universe of possibilities as far as taste is concern. When the coffee is grounded, it has a very strong raisin and cinnamon aroma. Something like cinnamon rolls. When sip, it has a bright apple cinnamon, honey, peach and winey notes. It is ended with a mulled wine aroma and various spices notes. Strong and solid flavour. A sweet cup too!

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Varietal : Cattura/Catuai

Altitude : 1900 masl

Process : Anaerobic Fermentation

Origin : Dota, Tarrazu