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Costa Rica - La Lia

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La Lia is a micromill founded by two brothers, Luis and Oscar Monge. They are the master of processing coffee and particularly the Honey Process. La Lia micromill was built in 2007, located in Tarrazu where it is known worldwide for its high quality beans. The farm was named after the Monge’s grandmother. It was founded as an experimental undertakings by the 2 brothers in continuing the legacy of their grandmother.

There are plenty of varied variety which is planted in the farm. Notably, Villasarchi, Caturra, Catuai, Typica and Red Bourbon. In the nursery, they have Geishas, SL 28, Ethiopia49, Pacamara and Pink Bourbon. With these, the Monge’s experiments on processing is never ending in the search of a new coffee with elegance and sophistication.

"In producing high quality coffee, we used a lot of data” – with technology and information, Monge’ is able to dial in the correct amount of calcium to produce high quality cherries. High potassium will produce a harder beans and also boost flavour and bean development. Coffee in Costa Rica is graded based on the Hardness of the bean and is labelled as Strictly Hard Bean. Each year, the trees a taken care of, however nature cannot be controlled, some tress blossom earlier, Monge will correct the sequence to ensure that the end product meets the farm requirement based on data and information that he has on that specific lot.

What we have here is the Anaerobic Natural process Catuai. For 72 hours, the coffee are anerobically fermented with water. During this stage the cherry will depulp partially naturally. After that the cherries is placed on the African drying beds until it reached the desired moisture level. The coffee is rested in a silo for 2 weeks before it is hulled and packed.

This coffee is very unique. Upon grounding, you could feel the aroma of cinnamon. At first sip, the taste of cinnamon, apple and orange peel. It in mid section, the notes of lotus or lotus pancake. Very distinct and unique.

Variety : Catuai
Altitude : 1800 to 1900
Process : Natural Anaerobic
Origin : Tarrazu.

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