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Roasting as Usual

Costa Rica La Florida Geisha (Red Honey)

RM80.00 MYR

This is a family run farm. The Leiva siblings was born and bred in the hills of Copey in the Dota Valley of Costa Rica. There are 9 of them and 25 cousins living in the estate. Apart from growing coffee, the Leiva siblings produce strawberries, raspberries as well as other types of fruits which can be produce at high altitude for the local demand. 

The farm has been planting Geisha since 2015. With the slopes and micro-climate of Dota, their location is perfectly matched with the Geisha Varietal. This particular coffee is truly outstanding and has been process carefully as Red Honey Process to manipulate the its distinct character. 

This geisha is particularly floral. When grounded, you can smell the essence of honey, berries, peaches, lychee and coffee flower (very aromatic). At first sip, you can taste the peach notes, strawberries. The aroma of earl grey tea follows and top by a ripe grapefruit or orange acidity. The coffee is sweet and the flavour is highly concentrated. 

"Amazing and Super-Perfume like" - Nordic Approach

Varietal : Geisha

Altitude : 2000 masl

Origin : Dota

Process : Red Honey (70% mucilage) and dried for 15 days

Crop : Q4 2019