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Costa Rica - Granitos de Altura by Omar Calderon (Auction Lot)

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This coffee is from an award winning Costa Rican coffee. This farm has won the Cup of excellence in 2015. Located in Santa Maria de Dota near the Talamaca range of Costa Rica, Granito de Altura del Ortiz is owned by Omar Calderon Martinez. Martinez and his four daughters has been growing and processing coffee for the past 20 years.

Granitos de Altura is vertically large in size. It starts from 1800 masl up to 2100 masl. In a way, this farm has a multiple type of microclimate which is suited for wide variety of coffee.  There are various of coffee variety planted by Snr Omar. That includes red catuai, Geisha, Villa Sarchi and other exotic varietals such as Ethiopian, SL 28, F1 and many others. What we have here is the F1 variety planted at one of the microlot called El Paraiso. El Paraiso has its own microclimate which produce quality cup of the F1 variety.

F1 is a hybrid variety between T5296, Sarchimor and Sudan Rume. Back in late 80s Central America was a disease susceptible and the disease resistant plant does not produce tasty coffee. The plan was to develop F1 hybrids. F1 stands for Filial 1. They are the first generation of offspring between dinstinctly different parents. In this case, the parent were wild African variety, Sudan Rume, crossed with commercially available varieties, Sarchimor. Research was conducted in the 1990s by Center for Tropical Research and Higher Education (CATIE), Costa Rica. There were 100 of F1 hybrids, 20 were selected for multiplication based on the desired attributes. Based on the performance over time, the pool was narrowed to arrive at the handful of F1s in production today. Since the beginning, it will take 8 generation for F1 to arrive at genetic stability.

What we have here is the F1 variety planted at the El Paraiso plot. The plot is a very small plot, approximately 1 hectares in size. Usually, coffee from Costa Rica is processed as Honey. This particular coffee is instead process as Natural. Snr Omar process all the coffee at his own micromill and he plays an active role during the processing stage. First, ripe red cherries is washed with cold water. The washed cherries is then soaked in water. Any floaters will then be removed. Next, the cherries is brought out for drying using raised beds for few weeks until it is dried. Upon reaching the optimum moisture level. The dried parchment is then milled. Coffee bean is then sorted manually by hand. 

This coffee is an Auction Lot coffee under the Exclusive & Exotic Varietal Collection, 2021 with a cupping score of 88.79. On the cup, the dry aroma is strawberry, blackberry, grape, baked biscuit and cinnamon. At first sip, the taste is also strawberry, blackberry and grape. The main notes is almond biscuit and raisin in the middle with cinnamon at the end. A very balance cup.

Variety : F1
Altitude : 1900 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Santa Maria de Dota.

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