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Colombia Tablon de Gomez

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This coffee comes from Narino which is located in the deep South West of Colombia bordering Ecuador. Coffee from this region can reach up to 2200 masl making it some of the highest grown coffee in the world. It can be difficult to grow coffee in such high altitude, in the southern tip of Colombia, means Narino is nearer to the equator when compared to coffee grown in the department of Huila or Antioquoia. The high altitude combined with tropical climate during the day and cool nights allow slow maturation in the cherry development means the coffee have the potential of being candied sweetness, floral and fruity.

Specialty coffee growers and producers are scarce from this department. Before 2012, producers mainly focus on the commercial coffee grade and sold for local consumption. There are at least 48000 coffee producers in Narino and on average, they own about 2 hectares of land or coffee plantation. In 2012, during the Colombian Cup Excellance, 2 producers from Narino made it to the finals. This has encouraged growers to move away from commercial grade plantation to the specialty coffee grade production to push for greater premiums.

One of the results was this group of smallholders, consist of 20 growers from a town called Tablon de Gomez. This group is part of the Alianza Café, an offset of the Grupo Empresarial Buesaco. Alianza Café represent 400 coffee growers in Narino with farms located in Buesaco, Arboleda and Tablon De Gomez. For this selection, each coffee is cuped and only lots with 85+ scoring is selected and included in this lot.

This coffee is processed as washed coffee with varietal of Caturra and Castillo. It is perfect for espresso. To bring out the best of this coffee, we roast it towards the late stage of a light roast and early stage of medium roast. We notice that with that, we are able to highlight the fruit notes and the floral notes of this coffee. The coffee is complex and sweet. Look out for the fig like notes and honey aroma when the coffee is sip.

Varietal - Caturra and Castillo

Altitude - 1700-2100 masl

Process - Full washed

Origin - Tablon de Gomez, Narino

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