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Roasting as Usual

Colombia Juan Lopez (Microlot)

RM37.50 MYR

This is our first microlot offering for the espresso selection. Quantity is limited and quality is outstanding. There are perceptions that microlots coffee are meant for filter yet, some coffee are best brewed with milk or brewed under heavy pressure. We give and take this coffee is best as under intense pressure yet it is enjoyable to brew as filter or french press or even cold brew. 

This microlot offering is from Bueseco, Narino by a single farmer by the name of Juan Alejandro Lopez. His farm is called Finca El Rubi. He is not from Buesaco, he was born in Pasto. His wife is from Buesaco and the story goes that when he visited his wife family about 40 years ago in Buesaco, he fell in love and bought a piece of land to plant coffee and since then he dedicate his life in to coffee. 

Primarily, his farm plants castillo and variedad colombiano. What we have here in this offering is the Castillo beans which has been process as washed coffee. Snr Juan Lopez is very particular on quality and in order to ensure quality, each process has a certain procedure. This starts from the picking of the coffee cherry. Only ripe cherries were picked and processed. The coffee is then pupled and left to ferment under water for 34 hours inside a ceramic tanks. Subsequently, the coffee is gently washed and placed on raised beds for 10 days until the required moisture level is achieved. 

Narino is located in the south of Colombia bordering with Ecuador. Logistic can be quite an issue for small microlot producers that has been producing specialty coffee for the world market. Microlot producers are shrooming in the Narino region particularly in Bueseco. Previously these farmers normally sell the coffees to the coyotes (agent/buyer of the FNCs for the commercial grade coffee).

This coffee is roasted at a medium roast. Upon grounding, we could the detect the aroma of dark berries and cinnamon. At first sip, theres a slight floral notes with cinnamon notes. The coffee is thick, rich and silky like melted butter with an after taste of chocolate. This coffee is recommended if brewed with milk. 

Varietal : Castillo

Altitude : 1900 masl

Origin : Buesaco, Narino

Process : Washed

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