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Colombia - Hacienda Mallorca - Competition Series

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Colombia- Hacienda Mallorca – Competition Series

What we have here is the same coffee from the Hacienda Mallorca in the espresso selection. Information and details of the coffee farmer can be found here. What we have here is the Competition Series coffee of two types of bourbon variety. They are the Pink Bourbon and the Yellow Bourbon variety.

At the 134 hectares farm, only 51 hectares is used to cultivate coffee. 20 hectares are forest reserved and 32 hectares is cultivated with other crops. The main variety of coffee produced at the farm are Castillo, caturra, geisha and bourbon, that includes red, yellow and pink bourbon.

We managed to procure 2 types of coffee under the Competition Series. This coffee comes from the same farmer, Santiago Londono. Santiago is a coffee science enthusiast where he love to create, experiment and research different fermentation, drying and stabilization process to unlock unexpected flavours, complexity, sweetness with a very repeatable approach to ensure consistency year by year.

The two lots of coffee is known as the Belen and Uva lot

Uva Lot
Uva lot is produced using the yellow bourbon that is planted between 1680 to 1810 masl. The yellow bourbon consist of tropical fruit notes with vibrant acidty. This coffee is processed using a glycolyctic anaerobic fermentation. Glycolisis is a process where sugar or glucose is partially broken down by cells in enzyme reaction that does not requires oxygen. During this process Lactic acid is produce as an output of metabolises of glucose. The process is similar to the concept of keto diet where the cherry undergone a ketosis, a state where energy from it self is used to produce sugar, without the need for oxygen to assist the fermentation process. The fermentation process for this lot is 200 hours in a sealed tank with a controlled temperature of 200 hours. After the completion of the fermentation of this coffee, the fermented cherries is dried inside a wooden drawer for 32 days. After the 32 days it is dried in a controlled temperature warehouse for 8 more days until it reach a moisture level of 11.7%.

Belen Lot
Belen Lot is produced using Pink Bourbon. The name Belen is given to this lot after Santiago’s daughter Belen. This lot is planted at 1800 masl. The pink bourbon naturally can highlight flavours of sweet spice and red berries with an elevated sweetness. This coffee is processed as Anaerobic fermentation at a controlled temperature of 17 celcius. The coffee is fermented for 156 hours inside a sealed bags that is placed inside a reefer container. After the fermentation process, the cherries is place inside a low humidity room (controlled) for 3 days then it is sundried for 5 days. The semi dried cherries is then placed again in the reefer container where it is dried at a low temperature for 4 days and finally it is sundried again for 7 more days until it reached the moisture of 10.6%

Tasting Note

Uwa Lot
Upon grounding, you can feel the aroma of grapes, strawberries and raisin. At first sip, lime and raisin are the main tasting notes followed by grapes in the after taste with an aftertaste of cherries. The coffee has a strong aroma with strong flavour with clear sweetness.

Variety : Yellow Bourbon
Altitude : 1700 masl
Process : Glycolyctic Process 200hrs
Origin : Valle de Cauca

Upon grounding the coffee has a dry aroma of cacao, blueberries, maraschino cherries and orange peel. At first sip, grapes, blackberries, and hint of blueberries. Following flavours include, starfruit, orange peel and mild rose water aromas. The coffee is very rich in flavour, with a clear sweetness and long after taste.

Variety : Pink Bourbon
Altitude : 1800 masl
Process : 156Hrs Anaerobic Fermentation
Origin : Valle de Cauca

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