Colombia Finca Monteblanco Rodrigo Sanchez Purple Caturra

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This green coffee is sourced from Ally Coffee Dubai. This is our third collection of Snr Rodrigo Sanchez,  the first was the Pink Bourbon and the second one is from his other farm La Loma. Coffee from Finca Monteblanco never disappoint as it has its unique various of unique varietal which can be found in Finca Monteblanco.

Finca Monteblanco Purple Caturra is one of many unique combination of special variety that define Finca Monteblanco of ensuring sustainability of specialty coffee production in the one of largest coffee producing countries in the world.

Purple Caturra is is a type of Caturra whose cherries ripen deep to a purple colour. It is picked based on degrees Brix. It is based on sugar content indicated and decide which processing method is appropriate. This selection is processed as washed.

This coffee is best roasted towards the early stage of a medium roast. This is to preserve the juiciness of the coffee. When grounded, the coffee has an aroma of an orange peel with almond and caramel. The first sip has a prominent black plum like juiciness followed by cranberry juice like notes. The coffee has an aroma of caramel. The coffee is solid, full and juicy.

Varietal : Purple Cattura

Altitude : 1730 masl

Process : Washed

Origin : Pitalito, Huila