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Colombia - Finca La Soledad by Elpidio Arboleda

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This not the usual cup of washed Colombian coffee. The coffee master processor, Elpidio Arboleda Tabares, winner of the 1st Taza de Antioquia where 2800 farmers from the Antioquia region participated in the competition. The winner for the first place and second place were both from Urrao municipality and the 3rd place is a farm located in the Giraldo Munacipality.

Snr Elpidio is the owner of the Finca La Soledad. He has 4 hectares of land which is used to plant 6000 trees. He is solely focus on the planting of the Caturra Chiroso/ Chirozo. Catura is chiroso is a rare variety. It is similar to Pink Bourbon, where the colour of the cherry is almost Pink. As for this Catura Chiroso, the coffee cherry has a similar colour to a chorizo when mature (light red).

In the regional competition, Snr Elpidio’s coffee obtained the 89.86 score for his washed Caturra Choriso washed process.

To process this coffee, only mature cherry is used. The coffee cherry is then depulped and placed in a tank. The water in the tank is changed daily. Prior to the discharge of the water in the tank, the water is agitated using a machine. This process is repeated for 3 days. In a way, water is changed for 3 times. In the 4th day, there will be no agitation process, the coffee is sent directly to drying beds for drying.

In the cup, it has a scent of peach, apricot, lime, orange peel, gardenia and black tea. With sweet peaches when you sip, Apricot and lychee as the main axis, with the soft aroma of orange peel and gardenia, and the back section with citrus, grapefruit, blackberry and red Tea has strong acid value, full flavor and rich layering.

A different cup from Antioquia.

Variety : Caturra Chiroso
Altitude : 1930 masl
Process : La Castilla Washed
Origin : Urrao, Antioquia

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