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Colombia – Finca El Mirador by Elkin Guzman (Tabi Acetic Natural)

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Elkin Guzman is a pioneering coffee producer in Colombia. His farm is a well known farm in Colombia. He has been successful in producing high quality coffees in large quantity has set him apart from other producers making him a leader among Colombian coffee growers.

His life has always been surrounded by coffee since the day his was born and his family has always been involve in coffee planting, trading and retail. The family now has at least 70 years of experience in coffee.

Guzman is extremely curious about using new technology and techniques in a constant effort to continuously improve quality across board. His attention to detail has made him who he is today. Devoted to coffee, Guzman spent at least 12 years in researching post- harvest processing techniques. These research has led to the wide variety of coffee processes that came from Finca El Mirador. This include coffee maceration, Lactic, Acetic and Natural Hydro Honey.

Guzman and his mother tend to Finca El Mirador together. They grow wide range of varietals. What we have in this collection is the Tabi cultivar. Tabi was developed by Cenicafe in 2002 to have a greater resistance to coffee leaf rust. It was developed by crossing Bourbon, Typica and Timor.

This Tabi coffee is processed as Acetic Natural Processing. The process begins by collecting the cherries into a plastic tank with water. The water is then oxygenated to encourage the development of Anaerobic bacteria. Most of the bacteria cultivated by this method is the acetobacter. The coffee cherry stays in the tank for 10 to 12 days before it is dried to the shaded patio whey it is dried for 25 to 30 days.

The coffee has a very interesting persona for a coffee that is hailed from Colombia. After grinding, you can feel the aroma of strawberries, peaches, rum, and raisins. The front part of the sip entrance is dark berries, grapes. The aroma of raisins gradually transforms into strawberries, peaches and pineapples after the middle and late stages, with a little yogurt aroma and oolong tea at the end. The coffee is rich in layers, smooth and flavourful.

Variety – Tabi
Altitude – 1615 masl
Process – Acetic Natural
Origin – Pitalito, Huila

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