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Colombia – El Mirador Striped Bourbon Fermented Cold Washed

RM50.00 MYR
Finca El Mirador has been exotic varietals in Colombia. The earlier ones that we had was Tabi variety. This selection is a special lot of Striped Bourbon. His farm is around 32 hectares in size, and 30 hectares is utilized for coffee plantation. Snr Guzman has a broad collection variety such as Catiope, Caturra, Mokka, Tabi, Gesha and 3 different strains of Bourbon, the Orange Bourbon, Pink Bourbon and Stripped Bourbon.

His family has approximatly 70 years of coffee experience, for 15 years, Elkin has dedicated to researching and developing post harvest processing techniques. Harvest and post harvest process are strictly regulated for consistency and quality. First, the sugar content of cherries is inspected prior to harvest, followed by density and volumatric speration. Once the data become available, Elkin will decied which processing method is best suited to bring each lot to its fullest potential. Each coffee comes with a limited quantity and year by year, the post harvest process is never the same. For 2021 harvest, the Striped Bourbon lot is process as Fermented Cold Washed, a combination of 96 hours Carbonic Maceration and Fully Washed process.

First, the selected coffee is put in a tank and fermented with a food grade bacteria/yeast. The temperature of the water inside the tank is then increased to expedite the reproduction of the bacteria. When the population of the bacteria reaches the required amount, the temperature of the tank is brought down to halt the reproduction of the bacteria. The tank is then closed to eliminate the presence of oxygen that could also allow the bacteria to reproduce. The cherries are now carbonically macerated for the next 96 hours. Once the fermentation process is completed, the cherry is then removed an fully washed. The parchment is then slow dried for 18 days.

Grind it and you can feel the aromas of mango, raisins, peaches and wine. At first sip and sip it to feel the aromas of strawberries and peacheswith a mild wine aroma, with raisins and cocoa flavors at the back. A solid and flavourful coffee.

Variety : Striped Bourbon
Altitude : 1680 masl
Process : Fermented Cold Washed
Origin : Pitalito, Huila

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