Colombia - Eduart Daza (Anaerobic & Aerobic Washed)

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Back in 2012, Snr Eduart inherited his family farm, known as Las Brisas. His father has been cultivating coffee for the past 35 years before he pass the baton to his son. Eduart Daza has 2 other brothers, however, only he decided to continue the coffee production. One of his brother operates a cattle business nearby the farm.

With the rise, of specialty coffee, Eduart Daza has grown interest and has began exporting coffee to markets outside of Colombia. This particular lot, the Colombian variety is selected. During harvest, the ripest cherries were hand picked. The cherries are then delivered to the processing station where they are anaerobically fermented as a whole cherries for 20 hour. Then the cherries are pulped and undergo a further 20 ours aerobic  fermentation with the mucilage. After gently cleaning of the remaining muclage, the cherries are then moved to raised beds to dry for a period of 15 days

This delicious coffee is bold rich and juicy. As a microlot and from the Colombian varietal, we are surprised by the presence of Blueberry, passion fruit and bright acidity produced by this lot. The coffee is creamy which has a long hazelnut aftertaste which very common in the Brazilian coffee. The affect of Anaerobic and Aerobic process definitely manipulated the flavor of this coffee.

Varietal :  Variedad Colombia

Altitude : 1600 to 1800 masl

Process : Anaerobic and Aerobic Fermentation

Origin : Buesaco, Narino