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Burundi - Shembati by Salum Ramadhan

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Shembati washing station is one of two washing station built and owned by a coffee producer, Salum Ramadhan. The washing station station is located in Kayanza in the hills of Butaganzwa.  It is a mid size washing station and process approximately 700 ton of cherry per season which is equivalent to 5 containers of specialty coffee per season.

This is our first coffee from Burundi and we are fascinated on how the government imposes law on the development of coffee industry in Burundi. In Burundi, by law, a washing station has a quota on how much cherry it can received per season per locality. This is to encourage the development of more washing station on other localities and encourage more smallholders farmer to plant coffee. With more washing station in the localities, farmers are able to send its cherries without paying a hefty price for logistics in getting the cherries to the washing station.  The Shembati washing station is Salum Ramdhan second washing station

This coffee is of the Bourbon variety planted by small holders in the hills of Butaganzwa and processed as washed process. These smallholders usually picking the coffee cherries themselves during weekends and deliver the cherries to Shembati washing station by foot or bicycle. Salum Ramadhan still pickup cherries with his truck, but only when the farmer is within the newly regulated radius of the washing station. In Burundi, farmers are free to send its coffee to anyone offering the highest price. It’s a competitive business in Kayanza. In order to attact farmers with the best qualities selective picking is required and sorting is mandatory before the cherries is sent to Shembati washing station. This lead to a higher premium and quality for the cherries sent to Salum Ramadhan.

The coffee process is similar to the processing activities in Kenya. The fermentation consist of two process first the depulped cherries is fermented in the open for 12 hours. The coffee is then graded in to 3 grades based on its density. Upon sorting the grades, the coffee is then fermented for 12 to 18 hours in clean water. The coffee is then washed to remove all the mucilage. The coffee is then is sent to pre-drying under the shade before it is then sent to the African drying beds.

The dry aroma is blackberry, plum, dried cranberry and toffee. The acidity is bright. At first sip, the front part is blackberry, mulberry, Cranberry with a light smoky aroma, followed by the brown sugar sweetness sensation. The coffee is silky, bright juicy and has multiple layers.

Variety : Bourbon

Altitude : 1800 masl

Process : Burundi Washed

Origin : Kayanza, Burundi

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