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Brazil - Chacara Boa Vista (Microlot)

RM32.50 MYR

This coffee is a definate microlot coffee from a microlot coffee producers in Brazil. The farm size is only 1 hactare and managed to make a break in the high and competitve coffee industry in Brazil. The man behind this farm is Antonio Carlos Machado which is based in Ouro Fino and the farm name is Chacara Boa Vista.

Antonio Machado has been working in coffee since he was very young and was born in a coffee producing family. In Brazil, coffee is produced in hundreds of acres, for small holders, microlot producers modulating with coffee process is the only way forward to improve their fortunes. Few year backs, a coffee importer came to his small farm and said that its Red Catuai coffee has a very huge potential and able to penentrate to the world market if only he focus more on quality than on quantity. Taking up the challenge, Antonio has been experimenting its  process with anerobic process. The results were great and its different from what the coffee used to taste.

This radical change has improve its sustainability and also changed the fortune for his family. Today, his coffee farm has grown in size and solely focus on the production on specialty coffee.

This cofee that we have here is process is processed as fermented natural. Only the riped red cherries were selected for this coffee. The cherries is placed inside a Grainpro bag and sealed. The period of fermentation is determined based on the average value of the Brix  of the cherries. After the fermentation process is complete, the coffee is remove from the bag and sundried on African beds until the desired moisture is obtain. The coffee is then milled and put on storage for export.

The result of the fermentation has modulate the taste and aroma of the coffee. The dry aroma is plum-ish with hints of caramel aroma and slight winey. When sipped, its very tropical. Its more towards Pineapple. Its flavour is sweet, aligned with other sweet smelling fruits like melon, guava and passion fruit. It has that freshness that differs from stone fruits, more similar to peaches and apricots. The after taste is slight winey. This coffee is different from usual Brazilian coffee profile.

Variety : Red Catuai
Altitude : 1200masl
Process : Anaerobic Natural
Origin : Ouro Fino, Minas Gerais

***This microlot is selected by Burgeon Specialty Coffee, Brazil***

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