Selection Series #18 - August 2021

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For the month of August, we have selected 2 coffees from Ethiopia, a specially processed coffee from Costa Rica and also coffee from Peru. These selected coffee are a series of microlots from respective Origin.

Guji Sewana, is a coffee farm which is owned by the Mormora estate which also owns the highly famed Shakisso Mormora coffee. This coffee is a new crop for 2021 season. We had a good turnout for this coffee last season, and this coffee did not disappoint. Last year was more prone towards purple fruit notes and this year harvest is more complex. The passion fruit notes is bright and this coffee is loaded with sweetness and floral aroma. 

The second coffee hails from the town of Lallya which is located on the foothills of the Andes. This coffee is different and rarely we see coffee is process as Honey, not in Peru. Located high up on the corner of the Andes, water has never been an issue for Peruvian coffee producers. Even the Cup of Excellence is dominated by the wet processor. Give it a go. 

The third coffee is another one from Ethiopia. Banko Gotete microlots are highly sought after and yes, this coffee does not disappoint. Loaded with quality flavor and bright aroma. We brew with love, this coffee can never go wrong..

The last coffee is from La Lia. Master of the honey process coffee, Anaerobic coffee is not common in Costa Rica. This microlot is not extremely acidic and is processed well. At first sip the coffee is juicy, as it stays a while on the mouth it has a "lotus-esque" tasting notes. Very unique coffee and a must try. 

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Details on the coffee

a. Costa Rica - La Lia

b. Ethiopia - Alemu Bukato 

c. Ethiopia - Sewana

d. Peru - Finca Tasta


Note: The coffee will be shipped out on the 28th of July 2021