Guatemala - Santa Felisa - Fruits From the Wood (Auction Lot)

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This is another collection from Santa Felisa that we bought in Late 2020. This coffee is a Red Pacamara coffee processes as natural process coffee with a Yeast fermentation.

This is a 2020 auction lot coffee known as the "Fruit From the Wood". Where Red Pacamara is process as Natural Wild Yeast Fermentation. This coffee is planted at the El Paraxaj farm, one of the Santa Felisa COE farms. 

The Red Pacamara is first selected carefully to ensure that it has a brix of at least 22 Brix. The Cherries is then fermented under anaerobic conditions for 6 days. Then, dried in African beds, avoiding temperatures over 40°C. Processing time 30 days.

The coffee is different from the pacamara that we have had so far. Upon grounding, the coffee has a dry aroma of strawberry jam, berry yogurt, mango, pickled pinapple and slight winey. At first sip, it has a strong and full black berry, grape and strawberry jam flavours witha dark chocolate aroma towards the end lingering at the mouth. The coffee is strong and have an amazing yet distinct fruity flavour.

Variety - Red Pacamara

Altitude - 1100 - 1600 masl

Process - Natural Yeast Fermentation (6 days)

Origin - El Paraxaj

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