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Costa Rica - Hacienda Sonora - Yellow Honey

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"Upon grounding, the dry aroma is mulberry, berries and mango. A fruity apple and black plum at first sip, followed by redberries with hint of mango in midsection. Hezelnut chocolate and mild vanila aroma in the endsection. The coffee is sweet with thick texture which compliments the presence of milk for any milk-based."

Hacienda Sonora has been around for more than a century. It is located in the West Valley of Costa Rica at the foot of the Poas Volcano at and altitude of 1200 masl. The farm is currently run by Alberto Guardia with his son Diego Guardia. They operate their own micromill on site for the processing of its coffee. Prior to coffee, the farm was a sugarcane plantation with an onsite sugar cane factory.

The farm is massive in size. In total there are 100 hectares of land used for coffee plantation. 65 hectares consist of coffee farming and remaining are wild forest. Coffee grows in an environment surrounded by wild trees and other vegetation ensuring great growing condition for cherry to grow. Combined with its already naturally rich volcanic soil, the farm is a good location for coffee farming

With the existence of its own micromill on site, Alberto and Diego have full control of processing and quality. Coffee produce at Hacienda are either processed as Natural or Honey. With that, usage of water for coffee processing is very minimal. The mill was constructed during the coffee crisis back in 1999 to ensure sustainability of the large scale farm. Prior to 99, the processing was done at nearby mill
At the moment, Hacienda Sonora has more than 20 varietal planted at its 65 hectares farm. What we have here is a hybrid variety H1 Centroamericano and is processed as Yellow honey. During the harvest, ripest cherries is selected and handsorted for uniformity. The cherries is then soaked in a tank where floaters is removed to ensure selective density picking. Cherries is then fermented for 48hours and is then depulped and then it is dried on raised beds without removing the mucilage totally. Upon reaching the desired moisture level, the parchment is milled at site and prepped for export.

Variety : H1
Altitude : 1300 masl
Process : Yellow Honey
Origin : West Valley

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