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Colombia - Finca El Paraiso - Geisha Letty!

RM52.50 MYR

"Upon grounding, the coffee has an aroma of strawberry, peach, lychee, and floral aroma. At first sip, it is candy-like, fruity with notes of cranberry, peach, and lychee, similar mouthfeel to skittles. In the midsection, pomelo skin aroma, citrusy essential oil aroma and with intense floral aroma. The coffee is very sweet and with a long lasting after taste. An exceptional coffee."

What we have here is a very special coffee from Diego Bermudez Tapia, the infamous processor that produce wonderful coffee, Paraiso Lychee. This year is a very special year and we had the opportunity to bring forth the Paraiso Letty. To date we have roasted Paraiso Lychee, Rose Te, Limon, Floral Spices and Peppermint. These coffees are very aromatic coffee but none are as quite intense and complete as Letty. With intense aroma, Letty also present a very long lasting mouthfeel which completes the

This Letty lot is named after his youngest daughter to encourage the second generation to be part of the coffee growers and will transcend in history and generate interest and passion for coffee.
This coffee is processed as double anaerobic with Thermoshock where Diego has developed almost 10 recipe to produce different results based on demand.

For this coffee, 95% of the cherries selected is ripe cherries and 5% is used with semi ripe cherries. The cherries is the washed with ozone water to reduce the microbial load. First fermentation is fermentation with anaerobic bioreactor with pressure control system with temperature at 18C for 48 hours. After that the cherries is pulped and it is fermented again. In the next fermentation, the temperature is increased to 21c for another 48 hours with an addition of the Leuconostoc bacteria to boost the lactic production during the fermentation. This bacteria is widely used in the production of kimchi and sourkraut. After 48 hours. The coffee is washed with water where the temperature is set at 40C and then it is immediately immersed with cold water with temperature of 12C. These washing process is to remove overfermentation and regulate the flavour in order not to produce high acidity profile in the coffee. The wet parchment is then dried using an Enigma Dryer (mechanical dryer) to minimize the drying period to avoid microbial growth during drying. 

This coffee is of the Geisha variety and is produce at high altitude of 1900 masl. 

A magneficent coffee.

Variety : Geisha
Altitude : 1900 masl
Process : Double Anaerobic Thermoshock
Origin : Valle de Cauca

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