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Colombia - Paraiso '92 - Sidra Thermoshock!

RM52.50 MYR

"Upon grounding, it has an aroma of tropical fruits with a distinct rose aroma. At first sip it has a notes of strawberry, sweetened pineapple, mango with a backend tang of rose water. At mid section, it has a creamy texture with rose aroma with very sweet after taste. The coffee has a very compact flavour, clarity and sweetness."

Paraiso 92 is a family run farm that produce wide varieties of coffee and it focus on highly innovative cultivation systems such as terraces, drip irrigation, shady and nutritional calculation with an aim to produce a unique coffee.

The farm is led by Wilton Benitez. A chemical engineer by practice and turned into a very successful coffee grower and processor. He has at least 26 years of experience in coffee production. His success did not happen by chance. He is passionate about technology, biotechnology and the development of new equipment to ensure that the quality of coffee is at its highest year on year.

The farm is located in Pendiamo, Cauca at an altitude between 1700 and 1900 masl and the mill is also located at the farm. Paraiso’ mill is more like biological lab or a brewery. Wilton Benitez believe that in order to produce quality products, he had to control the complex process of coffee processing and manage it correctly then only the result is translated into flavours. From processes of growing, selecting, cleaning, fermentation and drying , the whole process is control by a very systematic criteria, uncompromised parameters and engineered equipment to make certain of a desired results, high quality coffee.

The Thermal Shock is a common process now but not many that process it like Wilton Benitez. First the ripe cherries is selected and green cherries is removed. It is then goes to a sterilization process where ozone water is used to washed the cherries and the cherries is brought to a UV rays using a conveyor belt to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms outside of the cherries. Cherries is then sorted where only cherries above 11.2mm are selected. Cherries with less than the desired density is then removed.

During the first 52 hours of the fermentation process, the cherries is fermented with Saccharomyces Pastorianus. The fermentation is controlled as it is fermented in a bioreactor with a temperature controller where the fermentation temperature is set at 18C throughout the process. The fermented cherries is then pulped using a customized pulper to minimize the used of water after the fermentation process. Second fermentation takes about 48hours at a temperature of 21C, there are no additional yeast was used and the mucilage plays a big role during fermentation. In the last 4 hours of the fermentation, oxygen is feeded into the bioreactor to speed up the process. The fermented coffee beans is then washed with the Thermal Shock Method where cherries is first immersed in water at a temperature of 40C and then immersed in water with 12C. This is used to sanitize the cherries and eliminate fermentation enzymes that potentially could affect flavour during drying. Only existing sugars from the first two fermentation will be held in tact and this thermal shock method will prevent further oxidization.

After the fermentation is complete, the cherries is dried within 48 hours using a mechanical drying with a ecologigal equipment and recovery of released water. Coffee is then rested for 15 days in an airtight bag before it is analyzed for sensory. Coffee is then manually sorted and grade. Upon completion, coffee is vacuum sealed and ready for export.

Variety : Sidra
Altitude : 1900 masl
Process : Thermo Shock
Origin : Pendiamo, Cauca

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