Indonesia - Ijen Red Honey by Dandy Dharmawan

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Mas Dandy is a coffee processor that is based in Banyuwangi. Located right on the tip of East Java and West of Bali, Banyuwangi is famed for its tourist destination called the Ijen Volcano. Out of the many volcanoes located on Indonesia Ring of Fire, Ijen volcano is unique as it is one of two volcanoes in the world which spew out blue flame due to high sulfur content. High presence of sulfur and the acidic condition of the surrounding area makes it ideal for growing coffee.

This location has a long history of coffee planting since the time of the Dutch East Indies. Back in the 1870s, Engelbertus de Waal open up a lease for Europeans to develop Java rural area. This include farming of Tobacco, Cacao, Sugarcane, and of course coffee. Coffee was heavily invested in two main locations, Malang (Central Java Region) and Besuki (East Java Region). The biggest coffee estate at that time was located in Sempol, in Bondowoso. The estate was established back in 1894 and owned by George Birnie together with son, David Birnie with a lease of 75 years. The land size was 4571 hectares.

At first, Typica variety was used. 1910, the leaf rust was so bad, they changed it to a Blawan Psaoemah variety, which can be found in South Sumatra. After the Independence, the Dutch Estate owners remain in Indonesia. Throughout the year, there was a merger among Dutch owners. The Birnie's farm merged with Landbouw Maastscapij Oud Djember. The merger was to have a better management and centralizing the exportation of coffee out of Indonesia. In 1958, all off the assets leased to the Dutch farmers was nationalized under the Perushaan Perkebunan Indonesia. From there the land changed hands to the local ownership and turn from a large single owner to thousand of small holders within the Sempol and Banyuwangi.

There are a plenty of coffee farmers from Ijen. Mas Dandy act as a coffee processor. He buys coffee from local farmers in Banyuwangi. This lot in particular are from Bukit Megasari. Coffee planted at Bukit Megasari are mainly sits at a range of 1400 to 1600 masl. Coffee planted here are mainly the USDA 762 variety. A primary variety which is grown from Bali.

This coffee is process as Red Honey. Coffee sent to the processing center is first sorted. Then the coffee is placed inside a water tank and floaters is then removed. Only the cherries that is located at the bottom of the tank are selected. The cherry skin is then removed and then it is then placed on raised beds and then sundried until it reach 12% moisture. Dried cherries is then hulled and rested before being sold to local and the export market.

Evaluated as espresso. Deeply sweet-savoury aroma. Syrupy-smooth mouthfeel. Tamarind,grapefruit with notes of dark chocolate and lemonzest with spices in finish. Sweet and clean. 

Variety : USDA 762
Altitude: 1400 to 1600 masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Bukit Megasari, Banyuwangi