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Colombia - Finca Monteblanco - Gold Grand Cru Geisha

RM60.00 MYR

"Upon grounding, the dry aroma is lemongrass with mild mint and floral aroma. At first sip is lemongrass and peach. In the mid-section chamomile, strawberry and peach. As its gets cooler, the coffee began to taste similar to peach yogurt with floral aroma. The coffee is sweet and fascinating."

Rodrigo Sanchez is no stranger in the Colombian coffee industry. The farm, Finca de Monteblanco has been producing high scoring coffees that includes unusual varietals and processing method. Finca Monteblanco is part of Aromas Del Sur which is also owned and operated by Rodrigo Sanchez. He is the 4th Generation that keeps the family roots and custom. Together with his wife, Claudia Samboni, they have 20 years in coffee production.

Aromas del Sur consist of Finca Monteblanco, Finca La Loma, El Progresso, Las Veraneras and Las Nubes. The farm sits at a high altitude of between 1700 to 1900 masl. Land size in total is estimated to be around 250ha, combined.

Snr Rodrigo introduced Geisha first at Finca El Progreso in 2013, and to La Loma and Monteblanco shortly after. Planting new varieties is part of a development to improve the genetic diversity and resilience of the coffee fields. Geisha is naturally a rust resistant plant and the trees have a very tall and elegant form with plenty of space between the branch. This makes a slightly lower yields, but it has a much easier harvest selection of the ripest cherries. Finca Monteblanco is a 14-hectare that sits at 1730 masl.

What we have here is the Gran Cru Geisha. Like wine and chocolate industry, Grand Cru is a classification of the most superior grade. It is a non-official context to denote high quality product which is like the term “vintage”. Geisha variety was first grown at Monteblanco since 2015. As the tree aged, the quality of the fruits or cherry became mature.

The process for Gold Grand Cru Washed began with the harvest of the cherries. The Brix degree is measured and only cherries with Brix of 26 is selected. The cherries is the floated in water and any floaters will be removed. Before the coffee is pulped, the cherries is fermented in Grainpro bags for 48 hours. After the fermentation, the cherry is pulped and it is then fermented again inside the Grainpro bag for 12 hours before anaerobically fermented inside a sealed tank for 60 hours. Subsequently, the parchment is removed from the tank and its washed with water. It is then dried on a parabolic dryer until it reached the 11% moisture level.

Variety : Geisha
Altitude : 1800 masl
Process : Gran Cru Washed
Origin : Huila

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