Colombia - Jairo 720

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This is the 2nd collection of coffee from the Finca Santa Monica, which is owned by Jairo Arcila. This microlot collection is a prolonged fermentation processed coffee . When we first got a hand of the Jairo Arcila Natural EF coffee last year, we were in with a surprise of what the cup has got to offer. 

When we had the opportunity to grab this much longer fermentation process, we had to take it. Experimental coffee processing has continued to improve the market condition for the coffee producers in Colombia. The way it was processed has moved a way from the traditional washed Castillo or Caturra and it brewers are receptive with the tasting notes that these experimental coffee has got to offer. 

What we have here is of the Castillo variety. This coffee is processed as a 720 hours fermentation process before it is washed and dried on the African beds. For this method, only the ripest coffee is selected and it is placed inside the Grainpro bag. The bag is then sealed and the bag is submerged into water to ensure that the temperature of the process is maintained throughout the whole 30 days. After 30 days, the cherry skin is removed and the bean is washed with cold water. After that, the coffee is placed on the African raised beds until the desired moisture is reached.

Jairo Arcila is a master of modulating coffee. 

This coffee is definitely unique and very different from the other coffee which is processed as such. The acidity is somewhat like a bumpy ride and not over the top like other fermented coffees. In other words, it is expected to obtain the acidity in this type of coffee, however the acidity was somewhat pleasurable. 

On the cup, the coffee has an aroma of berry filled chocolate, caramel and slight winey. At first sip, roasted pineapple notes was vivid, with hints of smokiness is detected. The flavor is sweet and it has the juiciness of the green apple and the acidity resonates on the mouth throughout. The body is mild. Very rich and flavourful cup.

Variety : Castillo

Altitude : 1500 masl

Process : 720hrs Fermentation

Origin : Quindio