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Nicaragua - Laguna Verde Maragogye by Finca Mierisch

RM47.50 MYR

"Upon grounding, it has aromas of blackberry, black plum, grapefruit and orange peel. At first sip, it has a deep flavour reminiscent of blackcurrant, blackberries. In the mid section, orange peel and cocoa notes began to emerge, creating a deep and intense flavour"

Finca Mierisch is a well known farm and brand based in Nicaragua and Honduras. Within Finca Mierisch, there are 11 other boutique farms. This specific coffee comes from the Laguna Verde farm which is located in Arenal Nature reserve in Matagalpa. It has an elevation of 1275-1300 masl.

The farm has a very unique microclimate where it is covered in fog over 60% of the day. That means, the farm "auto-shades" itself which creates a cooler temperature and assist in the slow maturation of its cherries.

What we have is the maragogype variety, a lesser known type of coffees. This variety was originally discovered in the outskirts of Brazilian state of Bahia; near a port city of Maragoijipe. It remains unclear if Maragoype is a cross breed between arabica and liberica or wheter a result of natural mutation. Its cherries are up to 40% larger in volume than those of the Arabicas.

This variety is however is increasingly neglected on plantations as it harvest a significantly lower yield. Producers like Finca Mierisch are among the large producers that focus on this exotic variety and continously experiment with the processing method and it is one of the highlights for its Private Auction.

This coffee is processed as washed coffee. The selected cherries if first depulp and fermented with water for 36 hours. The coffee is then washed with clean water and dried on raised beds for 30 days.

Variety : Maragogype
Altituded : 1300 masl
Process : Fully Washed
Origin : El Arenal, Matagalpa

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