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Guatemala Santa Felisa Full Moon Geisha

RM75.00 MYR

This Full Moon offerings is process as Orange Honey. First the coffee cherries is process with anaerobic fermentation for 12 hours and then depulped. After the pulped the coffee is then sun-dried for 10 day. 

This Geisha is planted at 1600 masl with an average temperature. The farm which is this geisha is planted is called El Paraxaj, wholly owned by Santa Felisa SA. There are many great stories about this farm, notably winning the Guatemala COE at #1 back in 2017. 

This geisha is smooth delicate and sweet. We did a multiple roasting session to get the best out of this coffee. The best profile yet brings out the jasmine, earl grey tea and bergamot in flavour with the aroma of sage and orange, peach. After a while black tea notes appear in the back part of the cup. When grounded, it has an essence of jasmine, bergamot and lemon peel.

Varietal : Geisha

Altitude : 1600 masl

Origin : El Paraxaj, Acatenango

Process : Orange Honey

Additional notes : Guatemala COE #1 2017