Colombia Finca Bet-el Pink Bourbon

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When we procured the Geisha, varietal from Finca Bet-el, we also procured this pink bourbon together. You can read more about Finca Bet-el here.

Similar to the Geisha varietal, this Pink bourbon is first fermented with lactic inoculum for 72 hours and dried in a controlled temperature between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius. 

The notes of this pink bourbon is complex and has a different palate from the the pink bourbon that we have tried before. Overall the notes are pleasant. We were surprised by the presence of vanilla in both aroma and in taste. We could taste a raisin like notes but we think its more towards dried figs. The cup is floral as it cools down and has medium acidity. The cup is juicy and sweet throughout.

Varietal : Pink Bourbon

Process : Anaerobic process for 72 hours and naturally dried with cherry.

Altitude : 1600 masl

Origin : Darien, Valle de Cauca