Congo – Societe Maitea Minova

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Located in the North of Congo is a province known as South Kivu, bordering Rwanda. Minova is a town plagued onced by the dark history of war and sexual violence, today looks to escape its past using coffee production to forge an economic success and social stability. Eba & Wally, founder of Societe Maitea hope to make a difference to the local community and to demonstrate the quality of Congo’s coffee to the world.
Since 2014, the economy of the region began to grow, thanks to international buyer who came looking for coffee. Initial purchase was purchased at a very low price. In 2018, Soicete Maitea worked tirelessly to improve its first fully washed arabica lot in 2018. Price improved tremendously. Producing excellent coffee means its heling social improvement and development of the population.

South Kivu has a very fertile soil. This make the area a rich location for farming. Each farmers usually owns less than a hectares of plantation, which could produce approximately 750kg per farmer. Since its establishment, Societe Maitea has since setup a collection station that can be found on average every 2km in the region. Societe Maitea use Lake Kivu site to process and classify coffee brought to them by farmers. In the beginning, coffee is placed on a canvas beds and sroted, removing any undesirable such as immature beans or coffee husks. Coffee is then submerged in water and floated to separate the floaters. Remaining coffee is pulped and fermented for 12 hours in a dry fermentation tanks. Finally coffee is washed and any inpurities and bad colored parchments  before being dried and graded.

The coffee is has a round silky body and caramel finish. We could almost detect notes of red dates, plum, apricot and raisins. The coffee is fruity and excellent for espresso and brewed with milk.

Varietal : Blue Mountain
Altitude : 1800 masl
Process : Washed
Origin : Bukavu, South Lake Kivu