Colombia - Rafael Amaya - Pink Bourbon

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This is the second collection of coffee from Rafael Amaya. The first coffee was from one of Rafael Amaya other farm and this coffee comes from his other farm call La La Montaña. Finca La Montaña is located in Timana and sits at 1850 masl.

Snr Rafael, began to plant Pink Bourbon at La Montaña back in late 2016. This coffee is the first harvest and processed as the 100hr Extended fermentation process. Prior to planting Pink Bourbon, Finca La Montaña has been producing Castillo and Colombiano variety and has been very successful in producing a modulated taste in its coffee through experimental processing.

What we have here is the 100hours Extended Fermentation Pink bourbon. This particular lot was first fermented as a whole cherry for 60 hours, then depulped and fermented further for 60 hours. The pulped coffee is then washed and dried on raised beds for 14 days where it reached the desired moisture level.

For a first harvest crop, this coffee is does not disappoint. A very delicate coffee with a moderate floral aroma. Upon grounding it has a cherry and winey aroma. At first sip, we could detect Kiwi or a combination of strawberry, banana & pineapple. It has a mild rose aroma in the cup. As it gets cooler, the cup tend to be more winey with a cherry after taste. The cup is juicy and a long lasting taste around the palate. 

Variety : Pink Bourbon
Altitude : 1850 masl
Process : 100Hrs EF
Origin : TImana, Huila