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Roasting as Usual

Colombia – Rafael Amaya – Extended Fermentation

RM37.50 MYR
This is an exceptional coffee produce in Timana by a well known Colombian who has been taking a very unique and innovative approach in processing and fermenting his coffee to modulate the flavour profile.

His Variedad Colombia is planted at Finca La Virginia located in Timana, Huila at an elevation of 1800 to 2000 masl.

Rafael has been experimenting madly with increasing the fermentation time of his coffee in the past few years and has learnt a great deal on what it takes to produce an exceptional result with longer fermentation times. It can be tricky as mold and excessive bacterial or fungi could affect the result. This particular lot is fermented for 85 hours at 15 degrees Celsius before being pulped and fermented for an additional 90 hours. The coffee is then transferred to raised beds where it is drys out to its ideal moisture level.

The result, upon grinding, the aroma is ripe fruit & toffee. At first sip is wine, black plum and followed by pickled pineapple and cherry notes. The tail part is raisins, roasted cocoa, biscuits and a little spicy.

Variety : Variedad Colombia
Altitude : 1800 to 2000 masl
Process : Extended Fermentation
Origin : Timana, Huila