Colombia Quijiana Pink Bourbon

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Finca Quijiana is owned by a farmer by the name of Snr Fernando Garcai Contreras. Back in 2018, Fernando took part in the Colombian COE competition and was ranked at number 22 and scored 87.0 for its Caturra varietal. This is a Microlot collection from a single farmer.

This coffee farm is located in Pital and sits at about 1750 masl and at this altitude, Pink bourbon could produce a very aromatic and very high flavour coffee. Officially, Pink bourbon is not an official variety. It is still from the bourbon variety like the red bourbon and yellow bourbon however it has a very different flavour in comparison to the  two other bourbon. This coffee is processed as fully washed process.

It is easy to fall in love with this coffee, upon grounding of the coffee, we are able to detact the notes of peach and black tea aroma. At first sip, the coffee is clean with its black tea like body and the notes of white peach with acidity of sweet lemon juice and orange flavour. The coffee is clear and bright.

Varietal – Pink Bourbon
Altitude – 1750 masl
Origin – Pital, Huila
Process – Full Washed