Colombia - La Fantasia

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Sustaining a Farm is not always a smooth sailing venture. This coffee from Project Origin holds many stories one of which the successful turnaround venture done by Sasa Sectic together with the Hide Izaki, 2014 World Barista Champion.

La Fantasia is located in Cauca. A region where high quality Colombian are being produced there. Notably, the Finca El Paraiso.

Finca La Fantasia is owned by Guillermo Hormaza and Elsa. The husband and wife has been planting coffee as long as they could remember. For the past 9 years, the plantation did not make any profit from the sales of coffee. Almost giving up, they seek help.

The arrangement was done by Jairo Ruiz of Banexport, a well known exporter of fine Colombian coffee. At that time. Sasa Sectic of Project Origin was looking for a base in Colombia for his experimental coffee processing. He came in with a plan to make La Fantasia as his base for all experimental coffee in Colombia.

Teaming up with Food Scientist from Japan, Chemical Engineer from Colombia and microbiologist from Europe a proper standard of processing was generated. From its traditional washed coffee to it the Sasa's Indigo, Jasper, Amber and Diamond collection, the fortune of Guillermo and Elsa changed. Finca La Fantasia began to be profitable again in 2019 and continues until today.

What we have here is the traditional washed coffee from Finca La Fantasia. The coffee is of the Castillo variety and planted at 1600 to 1700 masl.

When brewed under high pressure, the coffee has a medium body  with high. At first sip, it taste like a very ripe orange, the citrus notes is mild. As it gets cooler, the acidity of the coffee becomes milder and we could detect the caramel and chocolate notes. Its buttery with a sweet and clean notes.

Variety : Castillo

Altitude : 1600-1700 masl

Process : Washed

Origin : Cauca