Colombia - Jairo Arcilla EF Natural Castillo

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Jairo Arcila is a third generation grower from Quindio. He is aslso the father of Felipe and Carlos, the two brothers are the owner of the famous coffee exporter of company know as Cofinet.

Snr. Jairo purchased Finca Santa Monica  together with his wife, Luz Helena Salazar back in 2002. Upon purchasing the farm, Snr Jairo replanted the the farm with Costa Rica-95 variety and Castillo variety. These variety are resistant to coffee leaf rust which is a common threat throughout the region.

Experimental processes or the Special Preparation coffee are now common in Colombia. Modulation of flavour notes to highlight the potential of one coffee is common other than the traditional wet or dry processing method. Being a top coffee production country, producers in Colombia strive hard in Mastering the Art of modulating coffee flavour at the production level before the coffee is being roasted by the roaster.

This coffee is processed as natural extended fermentation where the freshly picked cherries undergone a one day fermentation in an anaerobic environment. Following, the fermentation is extended inside a grainpro bag submerged in water tank to ensure a controlled temperature. The bags is then removed from the water tanks and then place out in the open for 2 days before it is removed from the bag and left to dry on raised beds.

As a result, the dry aroma is passion fruit, pineapple, black plum, star fruit, smoke and wine aromas. When sipped, it has a strong aroma of ebony with smoked longan fruit taste, star fruit juice. The latter part is raisins and red dates. Very deep in flavor.

Variety : Castillo
Altitude : 1400 masl
Process : Natural Extended Fermentation
Origin : Quindio