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Colombia - Hacienda Mallorca - Aerobic Washed

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"Upon grouding, the coffee has an aroma of citrus, orange peel and blackberry. At first sip, blackberry, sweets spice with aroma of grapefruit and orange peel. The aftertaste is sweet and sour feeling of cranberry. The flavour is creamy with balanced acidity."

Hacienda Mallorca is a farm which is locaed in the Valle del Cauca. It is 51 hectares in size and has been producing microlots of Castillo, caturra, yellow bourbon and Geisha. Currently the farm is run by Santiago Landono, a 4th generation of coffee farmer. His great grand father began planting coffee back in 1932. Santiago, took over the business when his father retired in 2004. Though the farm has been around for 4 generation, he was among the first generation of his family that was able to go to University. With a Masters degree in Environmental Management, he did a turn around to the farm.

When he took control of the farm, he began to turn around the farm into a much more systematic farming and processing. With new protocols developed, the farm was able to produce a wide variety of microlots in terms of variety and processing capability. Each lot are kept and managed independently and log all useful data to ensure the right fermentation and processing for each lot. Only with monitoring all the log data, he was able to replicate and improve.

With his Environmental Management masters degree that he has in hand and seeing the impact of climate change on his farm, Santiago opted for an ecological approach of coffee farming. When he took over the farm operation, he wanted to create a self sustaining farm and design towards ecosystem resilience. With the data available, the farm was able to pre-amp on any change on the weather, soil and better use of water to ensure production of each year to improve in quantity and quality.

What we have here is the Castillo variety that is planted at an altitude of 1700 and processed as Aerobic Washed process. The hand pick cherries is sent to the depulper to remove the cherry skin. The depulped cherry is then transferred into an open drain tank and mix with water for the fermentation process. The fermentationis placed in a open air tanks that is filled with water. The cherries is then aerobically fermented for 48 hours. Upon fermentation with water, the cherries is then sent to the patio for drying. Once it has reached the optimum moisture level, the cherries is rested in a well ventilated warehouse for 5 weeks before it is sorted mechanically and manually. Subsequently, it is packed and ready for export.

Variety : Castillo
Altitude : 1700 masl
Process : Aerobic Washed
Origin : Valle de Cauca

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