Colombia Granja La Esperanza - Sudan Rume

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Sudan Rume is an ancient variety which originate from what it is now known as the South Sudan’s Boma Plateau. Its not far from the borders of Ethiopia and this variety still grows’ wildly inthe forest throughout the Boma Plateau. Nowadays, it is mainly cultivated as a source of genetic material for inclusion in hybrids as it shows a surprising resistance to afflictions like the leaf rust and mainly been used for breeding, creating hybrid trees that produce more fruit yield with some of its prized flavor characteristics.

From the commercial perspective, this variety is a very low yielding crop and very sensitive crop and can be considered as hard to cultivate. What we have here is a Colombian bred Sudan Rume from the renowned Granja Espranza.

This coffee is planted at an altitude of 1780 masl and processed as hybrid washed, special process by Granja Espranza. The cherries is first fermented without the presence of water to avoid the water contaminating the process. The cherry is fermented for 19 to 22 hours. Once the cherries is depulped, it is then fermented in water for 35 hours before it its washed. The coffee is mechanically dried with temperature ranging from 36c to 45c until it reaches the humidity percentage of 10.5%

We only have a very limited quantity of this coffee from the Herrera Brothers.

The dry fragrance is lemongrass, rosemary, mint with a chamomile aroma. The distinctive main notes of lemongrass, chamomile, rosemary, with mint, chrysanthemum tea and lavender scent, sweet and clean flavor.

Variety : Sudan Rume
Altitude : 1780 masl
Process : Full Washed
Origin : Las Magaritas, Valle de Cauca