Colombia Finca Monteblanco - Rodrigo Sanchez Pink Bourbon

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Rodrigo Sancez is no stranger in the Colombian coffee industry. The farm, Finca de Monteblanco has been producing high scoring coffees that includes unusual varietals and processing method.

What we have here is the mutated varietal of bourbon which has been around the farm since the time of Rodrigo's granfather was running the farm however, it was not planted commercially. It was hidden among the other coffee plant. The pink bourbon varietal was found by accident when he noticed that the plant has broad leaves that looked like Gesha. In the cup, it taste like Gesha. Since then, the lot separation for the Pink Bourbon began.

Rodrigo is very particular on processing the coffee. The major process began from the picking process. All cherries harvested are measured for degrees Brix. Based on the sugar content indicator, the coffee is segregated and will be process differently. This coffee has 24-27 degrees of Brix. Based on the procedures set, it is process as washed coffee. This bean is cold fermented for 32 hours and washed with clean water, transfered to solar dryer and finally moved to shaded raised beds to complete the drying process.

Harvest and processing the coffee have evolved at Finca de Monteblanco, rather than in a concentrated peak, beans are picked through a 10 month timeline.

The notes described is based on the medium light roast. The ground coffee has an essence of lime, orange and caramel almonde. At the first sip its fruity, with a winey notes of orange, pear, orange peel. Imagine sangria. This cup is balance and juicy with rich fruit aroma. Varietal : Pink Bourbon

Altitude : 1730 masl

Process : Cold Fermentation, Washed

Origin : Huila