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Colombia Finca Bet-el Geisha

RM75.00 MYR

This is our first direct trade from a Farm in Colombia. It has been a long and a fruitful one. Back in January as we were looking around for geisha, we came across Finca Bet-el from series of videos by the team behind MOMOS from Korea. We were intrigued and became curious.

We did a series of research and tried to reach out with the farm via Instagram. Well, it doesn’t stop there, with a series and hours of communication and for the love of coffee, Snr Cesar Andres Ladesma was open to trade. We were excited by it. However, we were shot down by our logistic partners informing us that they are unable to arrange a pick-up from Colombia to Malaysia. Everything was put on hold.

In late April, Snr Cesar proposed a very straight forward proposition whereby he would arrange the logistics on and to back charged to our accounts. In order to make this selection as #kopimampumilik We did some projections and cut a deal with Snr Andres. We decided to go with this geisha and pink bourbon from the Farm.

Finca Bet-el is well position. It is situated in the western part of the Colombian Andes located in the municipality of Calima Darien in a village called Remolinos. It is located at approximately 1600 masl above sea level with volcanic soils, ample of rain and constant breezes from the Pacific ocean giving it a unique characteristic on the coffee crops.

The farm is run by Snr Cesar Andres Ladesma. Snr Cesar is also an expert in modulating the flavour of coffee by implementing an extended fermentation process, aerobic or anaerobic, designed specifically to alter the required cup profile. This process is on top of the Colombian traditional washed, honey and natural process.

This coffee that we have here is anaerobically process with lactic inoculum for 72 hours and dried in a controlled temperature between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius. This process is designed for the lovers of exotic of complex and unconventional flavours. When we open the Grainpro bag, the aroma of the green coffee is similar to the riped lychee. Even when we were roasting the coffee, the aroma of the roasting process is uncommon. Normally, the roastery will smell like a bread shop, but not for this coffee.

We did a multiple roast for this coffee, the best so far is with a low charge temperature and a prolonged maillard process with a medium development time ratio. This is to highlight the sweetness of the coffee.

At first sip, the notes is very tropical. We could relate it with the taste of Buah Salak or snake fruit, (which is common in Sumatra) excluding the sourness of the Buah Salak. The cup is stacked with loads of sweetness and it isfruity throughout. It is also juicy. As it the coffee began to cool down, the floral notes emerged with tones of berries and mango throughout. We were surprised by the cacao aftertaste which was nowhere to be seen we cup the coffee.

This coffee is different, exotic and not normal normal (bukan biasa biasa).

Varietal : Geisha

Process : Anaerobic process for 72 hours and naturally dried with cherry.

Altitude : 1600 masl

Origin : Darien, Valle de Cauca

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