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Colombia - CGLE - Potosi Sidra Natural

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"Upon grounding, the dry aroma is strawberry, peach, orange peel and vanilla. At first sip, you can feel the flavors of strawberry, peach and grapefruit with mild lemongrass aroma and floral aroma. It has cool mint finish. The coffee has a bright flavor and sweet."

Potosi is one of the earlier farms owned by Café Granja La Esperanza (CGLE). In the 1930, Israel Correa and Carmen Rosa Vega arrived in Valle del Cauca seeking unoccupied land to start a farm. They then found a beautiful land and acquired Potosi. Potosi have a direct translation which means Fortune. True enough they made their fortune over time and now they own 4 other farm Cerrro Azul, Las Magaritas, La Esperanza and Hawaii. It all started with Potosi.

Over the years, there weren’t much change apart from raising a big family, the children did helped and Rigoberto and Luis showed special interest in coffee production and processing. In the 90s they decided to change their crop from Typica, Bourbon and Caturra to a selective of new variety that was introduced to their farm that change the fortune of the family as a whole.

Now under the management of Rigoberto together with his brother and daughter, the farm has been producing high quality coffee with a reputation of competition winning, award winning and unique flavours.

What we have here is a Sidra variety. A very unique and rare variety which is highly sought after since the 2019 Korean Barista Champion which was used by Jooyeon Jeon in her set and won the competition. It is one of the most exciting coffee varieties available. It has the dynamic flavours and interesting mouthfeel. It’s a new hybrid varietal with origins of Red Bourbon and Typica. It has acquired the sweetness and the body of Red Bourbon and the bright taste. It is said it has an origin out of Nestle (now abandoned) coffee breeding station in the Pichincha in Ecuador. It is reported that this variety was first introduced by Don Olger Rogel the owner of Finca Perla Negra. Some farmers sent Sidra samples to research institution for genetic testing and have found that it has similar genetic to East African coffee variety mainly Ethiopian. However, according to World Coffee Research, Sidra does not have a clear genetic identity and it is difficult to determine the genetic based on flavour profile since Sidra has a similar cup profile with Ethiopian Variety but its has a higher content of carbohydrates which makes the sweetness incomparable to other origin.

The first Sidra Seed planted was back in 2016, when Rigoberto and his quality director travelled to Canto Quito, Parroquia Nanegal. He managed to obtain a few seeds and began developing a nursery for his collection of Sidra in October 2016. By April 2016, the plant was transferred and planted in Potosi. Only 1.5 hectares of Sidra is planted at CGLE. With harvest occurs between end of April until beginning of June. The total of tree available is 3800.

This coffee is produce mainly between 1650 masl to 1900 masl. It produced higher yields, resistant to pest and disease however it is prone to coffee leaf rust which requires the coffee to be planted under the shade.

What we have here is a Sidra which is processed as Natural. During the processing, riped cherries is selected is fermented in a special tank for 48 hours. The tanks is closed but not sealed tightly in order to let air flow. The temperature is controlled every 6 hours to ensure the fermentation temperature maintain below 29C. Subsequently the cherry is then mechanically dried for 48 hours to dehydrate the crop before dried on a solar patio for 8 days. The dried cherry is then rested for few weeks before it is hulled and sorted mechanically.

Variety : Sidra
Altitude : 1700 to 1860masl
Process : Natural
Origin : Valle de Cauca

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