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Brazil Rio Brilhante Anaerobio Natural

RM35.00 MYR

The largest producers of coffee is Brazil. Being a mass producer, the focus is more towards production. Specialty coffee from Brazil is a highly competitive sport as there are many producers who try to compete among each other. 

Back in 2017, the producer of this coffee, Cafe Origem won the 17th place of the COE (naturals) scoring 88.07. Among thousands of producers, these guys are among the top 20. 

Bourbon and Catuai are among the famous varietals being planted in Brazil. However, what we have is is a Nuvo Mondo varietal coffee, where it is a genetic combination of Bourbon x Typica.

In getting the best out of the Nuvo Mondo varietal, the farmer, Inacio Carlos, has came out with a fermentation process which has improved he taste of the coffee. 

This coffee is being planted at a low altitude of 950 masl. When compared with other Arabica farms world wide, this is considered as a below average altitude. 

Roasting a low altitude green coffee is different from the high altitude coffee. The lower the altitude, the lower the density of the coffee beans. When we roast the coffee, we started with charge temperature of 145, with a total roasting time of 9.5 minutes and a development time just above 60 seconds.

The outcome is different, normally the taste of Brazlilian coffee are more towards the nutty flavour. This inovation by Inacio Carlos has produced a top green coffee. 

The coffee has a strong aroma and flavor of blackberries, winy, herbal, peach, red currant and cranberry. The acidity of  this coffee is indeed complex and winy. It is also herbal and yet velvety. 

The cup is smooth and also very syrupy. 

Its different from the typical chocolaty and nutty coffee beans which is more common being produced in Brazil. 

Give it a try, it will indeed create a flavourful memory.

Varietal : Novo Mondo

Altitude : 950 masl

Farm Name : Fazenda Rio Brilhante Care 

Process : Anaerobio Natural (Fermented Natural)

Brewing Method 

Drip for best result 




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