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Brazil - Fazenda Rio Verde Selection (Various Lots)

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There are many things that could influence the final cup of coffee. Primarily the location of where the coffee is planted and the other the human factor which leads to the decision on how the cherry is processed and how this change taste and flavour in the cup.

Founded in 1887, Fazenda Rio Verde is one of the smaller farms that nestled in the Serra de Mantiquiera. It is considered to be the oldest of the company’s of farm in Brazil. Today, the farm has 1566 hectare of farm. As it is located in the Heart of Serra de Mantiquiera, the altitude of the farm varied between - 1100 and 1300 masl. 

The farm has a very long history, the original owner Antioni Junquiera and Gabriella Augusta inherited the farm as a dowry. In 1920, their granson, Atnenor took over the management of the farm and began implementing innovative process of separating lots by its quality, colour and constructing patios to improve the drying process. During the WW1 and the economic crisis of 1929, the farm went through great difficulties. Aside from coffee, Antenor began to produce flour, cachaca, sweets, jams, beef, wool, wool and various herbs and vegetables. He did managed to overcome the economic downturn through out the first half of the 20th century.

1964, his son in law, Luiz Cyrillo, took over the operations and began to invest heavily on the production of chicken manure. Its part of a program it ensure the sustainability of their coffee farm and the. Fazeda Rio Verde has 81 sheds where 136,000 hens lived and produced 800 tonnes of manure annually. This program ran for 20 years until 1992 Luiz Cyrillo reigned until 2002 until, Washington Rodrigues, previously an engineer for the farm was selected by the family to lead the operation of the farm.  

He is responsible for various innovations which allow the farm to enter new markets and particularly the specialty coffee market. Its Specialty coffee is marketed as the Ipanema Premier Cru. 

The farm continuously in search for producing high scoring coffee. The program started back in 2014. First was to decide on which method is best for harvesting. Such as mechanical, manual and selective picking were tested to evaluate what would best choice considering the topographic condition. 

2015 was spent on determining the best harvest moment of each spot as it is decided that selective picking work best for the coffee from the farm. They found that the optimal harvest period last for 20 days. 

In 2016, hundreds of test was conducted of what would be the best drying method to ensure higher quality score. Several techniques and methods of natural sun drying  were tested. In order to do it, 2000 sq metter of suspended terrace (raised beds) were built. As well as covered patio of 800 square meter. The test also used a 3000 square meters of patios made of concrete. They also invested in two new models of mechanical dryers, one is vertical and the other is horizontal dryer. 

2017 was about refining the whole process. Its first specialty coffee was launched in 2018. 

To date, Fazenda Rio Verde has a total area of 1566 hectares. 626 hectares are dedicated to coffee production. Of the 626 hectares, 230 hectares are dedicated to the production of Specialty Coffee. 

From the 230 hectares, there are 32 glebes. A glebe is a microlot which has its own microclimate as the location and altitude of where the coffee is planted varies. There are 4 varieties of coffee that is planted for the special lot. They are Yellow Bourbon, Yelow Catuai, Red Acaia and Yellow Catuai. 

What we have here are 6 coffee from 6 Glebe. They are Glebe C14, C26, B34, B42, B65 & B68. All of it are a selective hand pick and all of the coffee are processed naturally. Since 2014, all the innovation has made improvement and the impact can be reviewed on the cup.

We are glad to brought to you this selection of fine coffee from Serra de Mantequiera. 

Lot C41

Variety : Yellow Catuai

Altitude : 1070 to 1127 masl

Harvest Method : Selective Picking

Drying process : Conventional Patio for 36 hours, Vertical Dryer 122.4 Hours

Lot C26

Variety : Yellow Catuai

Altitude : 1111 to 1227 masl

Harvest Method : Selective Picking

Drying Process : Natural Dried on the Tree, Conventional Patio for 16.8 hrs & Vertical Dryer for 69.6 hours

Lot B34

Variety : Yellow Bourbon

Altitude : 1195 to 1282 masl

Harvest Method : Selective Picking 

Drying Process : Conventional Patio for 69.6 hours and vertical dryer for 117.6 hours

Lot B42

Variety : Yellow Bourbon

Altitude : 1096 to 1132 masl

Harvest Method : Selective Picking

Drying Process : Conventional patio for 232.8 hours

Lot B65

Variety : Yellow Bourbon

Altitude : 1185 to 1201

Harvest Method : Selective Picking

Drying Process : Raised Beds for 69.6 hours and vertical dryer for 139.2 hours

Lot B68

Variety : Yellow Bourbon

Altitude : 1029 to 1056 masl

Harvest Method : Selective Picking

Drying Process : Conventional patio for 283.2 hours

Each of these coffee come from a different lot with a varied microclimate and the processing of each coffee is also different. We are interested in particular at the coffee that is dried on tree prior it is placed on the patio and mechanical dryer. 

Tasting Note 

Lot C41 presents moderate body and acidity, associated with pleasant sweetness that bring forth Floral notes.

Lot C26 has a dense body and moderate acidity. Its set characteristic bring forth a traste profile of Caramel

Lot B34 has a dense body, moderate acidity and prolonged aftertaste. The cup shows a distinct Apricot notes

Lot B42 present a liquor like body with bright and citric acidity bringing forth the Tangerine notes with a fresh and crispy aftertaste

Lot B65 has a unique and distinguished coffee with a noticeable notes of raspberry. It has moderate acidity  associated with a rich and sweet body and long lasting aftertaste.

Lot B68 has a sweet, strong body with a light acid profile. The cup presents a pleasant notes of Raisin

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